Jakob Lena Knebl & Ashley Hans Scheirl

Venice Biennale: Invitation of the Soft Machine and Her Angry Body Parts


For Jakob Lena Knebl, we started with the digital 3D sculpting of the three sculptures, based on the reference material that the artist provided. Once the design was finished, we 3D printed the different parts, assembled them and in the next step, created molds to cast them. Finally, we handed the casts over to our painter to finish them in vibrant RAL colors.

For Ashley Hans Scheirl, we helped with the production of an oil drip coming out of an old pump. Based on a previous work of the artist, we remodelled the shape of the drip to fit the proportions of the oil pump, and then we 3D printed it with our SLS printer, coated it with a black high gloss polyurethane and polished it to create the aesthetic of oil. We attached a thread on the oil pump opening and the oil drip, so that the oil drip could then be easily screwed on the oil pump opening.

The second part for Ashley Hans Scheirl's part of the exhibition was the CNC production of golden "poop", that gets squirted out of a golden rectum in the final installation. The "poop" was machined with a 3-axis milling machine out of Styrodur, then assembled and painted with thick acrylic and finished in gold.

Press Photos: Georg Petermichl (© Jakob Lena Knebl and Ashley Hans Scheirl)

PETG, Polyurethane, Styrodur, Paint
Digital Sculpting, 3D Printing, Mold Making, CNC Milling
Tranny's Pleasures: Pain_things in a Crazy World
Ashley Hans Scheirl