Ashley Hans Scheirl

Tranny's Pleasures: Pain_things in a Crazy World


Based on Ashley‘s beautiful maquette, we produced (amongst other pieces) a galvanized steel frame that held together by welds and ‚hot glue blobs‘, cast out of Polyurethane Resin. Assembled, it forms the „Darmgerüst“.

Together with Ashley and our CNC milling / cutting machines we had multiple forms cut out of dibond (like the intestine and wigs etc.) and 3D milled out of styrodur (‚shit heap’ and ‚outside tranny’). Everything (despite the ‚shit heap’) was then painted personally by Ashley in their studio to add their signature to the artworks. To integrate them in the installation, we provided them with small metal legs and fixings.

Steel, PU resin, Dibond
3D Printing, Casting / Mold Making, Metal Work, CNC Milling
Process development
Julia Haugeneder