For the "Gotteskrieger" (God's Warriors) exhibition at Klosterneuburg Abbey, we were commissioned by section.a to produce a steel display system based on the design by Eva Chytilek, Bartholomäus Kinner and Jakob Neulinger. After all components were cut, welded, bent and machined, a powder coating in RAL colour 3004045 "coronation blue" followed.

The exhibition "Gotteskrieger - Kampf um den rechten Glauben rund um Wien im 15. Jahrhundert" (God's warriors - the fight for the right faith around Vienna in the 15th century) can be seen from 29.04.2022 to 15.11.2022 in the Sala terrena gallery at Klosterneuburg Abbey.

Photographer: Martin Bilinovac
Concept: Eva Chytilek, Bartholomäus Kinner, Jakob Neulinger

Laser Cutting, Sheet Metal, Metal Work, Powder Coating
Tranny's Pleasures: Pain_things in a Crazy World
Ashley Hans Scheirl