Nilbar Güreş



We had the pleasure to once again work with @nilbarguresworks and @galerie_martin_janda on her newest installation „ATEM“ at the Wehrturm in Perchtoldsdorf @gemeindepdorf in collaboration with Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Niederösterreich. The installation includes three 5m big airbags, breathing in and out - ventilating the 500 years old tower.

To safely fixate the airbags, we designed the wooden frames together with engineer Martin Haferl and built them in our studio. We had great fun installing them between 20 to 25 meters high with a crane from the company Markowitsch in Lower Austria by pulling them inside the tower and including them in the safety construction. The airbags were produced by schulteswien and installed by us.

Wood, Vinyl Sheet
Production Design, Public Art, Installation
Change - Planet Love
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